Friday, August 12, 2011

cabin '11

I started this post yesterday - but it takes a LONG time to upload 41 pictures to blogger. 

For August long weekend we headed to Shuswap for a few days at the Lake at the Allred's Cabin.  Mom, Dad, Erika, Jamie, Jenelle and Brylie and Tyken came to join in the fun. 

Even though the water was a bit cold, it didn't stop anyone (especially Brylie) from enjoying it.  Most of our time 'in the water' was spent sitting on this: the relaxation station.

Here is Jenelle - i mean Jamie soaking up some sun:

Luke's Dad was hard at work, and even Dad got to help him out... Now Scott can't wait to have Dad back out there to help him finish the cabin.

I think the look on my face describes how i felt about the water.

Family Portrait - well not really, Luke, Porter, Me and Brylie down on the dock.

On Sunday we took a boat ride and went on a short hike.  

We hiked to this viewpoint - and i don't have any pictures that really show the view. 

Brylie found this huge pinecone, and wanted to bring it home, but we decided to take her picture with it instead so she could remember the trip. 

i don't have any really good belly pictures.. but i was about 34 weeks here. 

Tyken LOVED to ride in the boat.  Especially when it went "SO FAST" and i have all these pictures of him smiling like this. 

Mom and Dad with Brylie and Tyken in the front:

Before we left on Tuesday, Porter and Brylie decided they wanted to do some knee-boarding. You can see in the picture how happy Porter was after falling in once.  But he did it and i am sure he liked it. 

Jamie was nice enough to get in the cold water with Brylie and hold onto the back of the board to support Brylie. 

Brylie loved it. 

Then Jamie went on a solo knee-board ride

And then wakeboard ride.  

She had one really rough wipeout, and i didn't get a picture of it, but i did get this one:

And then Erika rode the wake home

It was such a fun weekend and we ate LOTS of good food and read some good books and enjoyed our weekend.  It is fun for me and Luke to be able to spend time like that with both our families and have them get to know each other so well.  Papahashi has more pictures - so we'll have to wait and see what he says about the trip when he blogs.

Now we are back at home trying to get settled and ready for the baby
the weather has been pretty nice

My belly is growing (35 weeks in the picture) and baby boy is moving and kicking lots.
I am trying to read all i can about everything labor and baby related.  There is no end to what i could read - and unfortunately now my address is outside of the city so a library card would cost over $100... looks like i'll ahve to borrow someone elses card. 

But - good news is: i got an internship for the fall.  I need one to graduate and this internship seemed to be a perfect fit (and blessing).  For the next 4 or so months i have committed 12 hours a week to watching Food Network, the Cooking Channel, Travel Channel and some select cooking related shows on ABC/NBC and other networks.  I have to report about what i see, what they are doing to engage viewers and biweekly i will have a conference call as well.  

Anyways... it has been really fun to be home and close to family again. I am really starting to get anxious , excited and nervous about our little bundle of joy that is supposed to arrive in just over 4 weeks.  :)


Wilma said...

Your pictures DO show how great the trip was!

And I thought you had a nice belly shot...I could see your belly button... You're looking great by the way.

Your sisters look like they've been on the wakeboard all their lives. They looked quite accomplished to me, I liked their forms.

I think I've been doing your internship for a while now but, I've been overachieving each week. Congrats on getting what sounds like a perfect internship.

The time is going quickly and with just over 4 weeks left, who know what can happen. Did I ever mention that Blade was 3 weeks early????

SOOOOOoooo Happy to see your blog entry!

candice Takahashi said...

I love the pictures! You got some great ones of brylie on the board, yeah Bry! She's more brave than me. The girls looked awesome too.
Wish I could have come- hopefully we will be invited back next year:).
I am getting really excited to meet your baby:)
Love you!

May Takahashi said...

I loved all the pictures. Everyone seemed to be having a great time.Staying upright on the water on the board is not so easy.I did try waterskiing once.
Its so nice that your two families are getting to know each other and also enjoy each others company.
Can't wait until your big day. Any names yet?

Thanks for the update.

jamie said...

just fyi that second picture of 'jenelle soaking up the sun' is actually me. oh yeah and you got some great pictures of me. awesome!
Love you,