Friday, September 2, 2011

things are cuter small

After a whirlwind wedding weekend (Cassandra, Luke's sister got married) or actually more like a week, things have finally gotten to a point where we can really start to get ready for baby to come. 

 Luke put together the crib that he slept in as a baby... and i helped (?) by taking pictures. 

and then organizing the changing area... 

After an AMAZING baby shower (post to come) i feel like this baby is already pretty well loved by everyone, which he is. 

I just can't get over how cute baby things are... 

Luke and I are still busy and have been trying to take a day to celebrate our anniversary, but with prenatal classes, appointments, internship conference calls, and now work for Luke (at the golf course temporarily) we have yet to celebrate (he has something planned but we need a nice WHOLE day, and i don't want to know what it is he has planned so i won't be disappointed if time slips away without doing it), but we have been trying to enjoy the bits and pieces of time we do have with just each other before baby boy comes - grocery trips, picking up the mail, watching a tv show before bed, etc. life just always seems to never slow down and i know that this is all just a taste of what it will be like when there is a baby. 

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Sara said...

Ok i just had to get on facebook to make sure the cassandra getting married thing was real. I dont know how I missed that. And she married spencer desanti. so crazy. thats cool. ok, but i guess the real thing I should be commenting about is that you are like seriously about to have a baby. so crazy. i want to talk to you. miss you and love you. so excited for you and luke.