Friday, October 28, 2011

happy friday

our baby is 7 weeks.. his smiles are my favorite...

Monday, October 24, 2011

for memories sake

just so i have record...

1.  Luke has been gone all weekend - a trip to Oakland (to see the Raiders with this brothers) and then to Las Vegas to pick up our car (hopefully it doesn't break down again) and finally HOME tomorrow. Tracen and I are excited, we miss him. But, it has been really fun hanging out at my parents.

2. I did power90x with erika today, it is really hard, and i actively participated in pretty much only the water breaks.

3.  Tracen started to really smile today.  I tried to get it on camera, he got shy.

4.  Samples at Costco aren't as fun when you have eliminated dairy from your diet.  But having a happier less fussy baby is worth it (although sometimes it doesn't feel like it).

5.  I dyed my hair 'ombre' - too bad when i was looking up tutorials they were saying that that trend is on the way out and red hair is on it's way in... i'm so behind.

6.  Tracen is really cuddly, sometimes he is fussy and all he wants is someone to hold him tight and cuddle, I gladly oblige. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

6 weeks old

Tracen is already 6 weeks old.  
Today i went through his clothes and put away the things he had outgrown - it was sad for me.  The little clothes he came home from the hospital in he no longer fits into. 

Check out the little booties that Erika made for him.. he loves them

He's been swimming, out to dinner and to movies, but we still haven't gotten him smiling too much.

this kind of looks like a smile - but it is really his discomfort from the hiccups.

He is starting to coo and i think it is fun. This boy sure loves to cuddle and I'm enjoying every bit of our cuddles

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tracen's Baby Pictures

One great thing that i have acquired since marrying Luke is his family in my life.  Heidi is SO talented and took some newborn photo's for us, and i can't even really pick favorites i just love them all.  I feel bad that Tracen peed all over her warm bean bags, but i think it was worth it - we got some great pictures!! Thank you Heidi!!!! 

SO weird to think that he used to fit right there inside of me.  

He has already changed so much, and i'm just so glad we have these precious pictures of him from when he was so new (about 2 weeks old)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving day (with both our Thanksgiving dinners behind us) we got to spend some time together as our small family of three.  We went out for a yummy lunch (thank you McDonalds - i said yummy, not healthy) and then we went out for a walk...

It was so pretty and the weather was perfect.

Tracen slept the whole time

it was hard to believe that we were still in Calgary, it felt like we were out in Bragg Creek or Kananaskis.

We sure have a lot to be grateful for and it was so nice to relax and be together as family.

 Tracen's new favorite thing is to sit like this in bed.  He could sit like this for so long, and seems to like to be able to see what is going on - he just seems like he is getting so big so quick!

We did have an appointment this week and our not-so little boy weighed in at 11 pounds (he gained 2 and a half pounds in about 3 weeks) and he is 23 inches long and his head is 40cm around.  His hair continues to look like it is receding in the front and he sometimes looks like an old man. He is just so cute, we sure love him!

Blessing Weekend

I have a random collection of pictures from Thanksgiving weekend (Which was also the weekend we blessed Tracen, and Angie and Mike blessed Meika). We were so happy to have Angie and Mike and their family come to visit.  Tracen finally got to meet his Takahashi cousins..

 And people got to get their pictures with a baby in each arm...

The pictures are not decieving, Tracen is a lot bigger than Meika.  She is so dainty and little, the perfect little girl, he is a lot more manly. 

  I realized that it doesn't matter where Tyken lives, to him shirts are optional.

Everyone enjoyed having meika around to hold.

 Brylie enjoyed having her Aunties around to color, play in the leaves and do other art.

Grandma and Grandpa were able to come visit and Grandma took good care of Tracen while he was a little sad.

 And I got to cuddle and hold Meika at last.  

We got to enjoy the cookies that Candi and Jamie made.. there was even a native american one.

We were happy to have Jacqui come for the blessing

And Auntie Shelia and her family (she got some great pictures)

Jacqui and i dressed alike

Tyken is just cute

Here is Papahashi comparing his two new grandchildren

 And with everyone home, it was the perfect opportunity for family pictures

Angie's family picture's are a lot more fun with Brylie and Tyken's faces

I found this little gem on my camera...

It was such a fun weekend and so nice to be with the whole family. 

It is too bad we didn't get any pictures of Tracen and his Allred cousins and familly. Next time we'll do better!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


You can tell i've been taking TOO many pictures of Tracen when he starts posing like this for them... I am kind of like the paparazzi apparently

Only kidding (about him posing like that at least.. i do take lots of pictures)  but this is what he really looked like.. he often sleeps with his arms in midair... 

 Now for something not baby related - we had an early Thanksgiving Dinner with the Allreds on Sunday
I kind of like the idea of having it early... (and having another one next weekend) because I am able to think more about all that i am thankful for.. i have been making a mental list all week, and it is long.

 Back to baby.. he also loves to cross his legs

But can you believe he is already 4 weeks old???  I sure can't.  I tried to take some pictures of him to remember exactly what he was like at this point in his life. 

unfortunately it seems like most of this day has been spent like the above picture...
i blame it on gas 

i wish i had 'stats' to record.  but i am pretty sure that he is gaining weight without any issues (just check out the pictures above...) , he might weigh almost twice as much as his older (by four days?), tiny cousin Meika. We are excited to finally meet her this weekend.  

This first month with a baby sure has flown by... sometimes i get really sad about how fast he is growing up, so i have been trying to really treasure every moment with him. We sure love him more than i ever could have expected!