Monday, October 17, 2011

Blessing Weekend

I have a random collection of pictures from Thanksgiving weekend (Which was also the weekend we blessed Tracen, and Angie and Mike blessed Meika). We were so happy to have Angie and Mike and their family come to visit.  Tracen finally got to meet his Takahashi cousins..

 And people got to get their pictures with a baby in each arm...

The pictures are not decieving, Tracen is a lot bigger than Meika.  She is so dainty and little, the perfect little girl, he is a lot more manly. 

  I realized that it doesn't matter where Tyken lives, to him shirts are optional.

Everyone enjoyed having meika around to hold.

 Brylie enjoyed having her Aunties around to color, play in the leaves and do other art.

Grandma and Grandpa were able to come visit and Grandma took good care of Tracen while he was a little sad.

 And I got to cuddle and hold Meika at last.  

We got to enjoy the cookies that Candi and Jamie made.. there was even a native american one.

We were happy to have Jacqui come for the blessing

And Auntie Shelia and her family (she got some great pictures)

Jacqui and i dressed alike

Tyken is just cute

Here is Papahashi comparing his two new grandchildren

 And with everyone home, it was the perfect opportunity for family pictures

Angie's family picture's are a lot more fun with Brylie and Tyken's faces

I found this little gem on my camera...

It was such a fun weekend and so nice to be with the whole family. 

It is too bad we didn't get any pictures of Tracen and his Allred cousins and familly. Next time we'll do better!


Sara said...

I miss that family.

Wilma said...

I love the pictures. I think Tracen is throwing a punch in the second to last picture!

Family....miss you all!

jaQ-ee said...

I'm so glad I was able to come down for this fun fun weekend and to meet the super super cute and cuddly new babies! Congratulations again on your new little family. Tracen is just perfect and I love him.

I think I took that gem of a photo of jj and Candi!

And I love that we dressed the same - right down to our Tiffany necklaces (best idea ever that you had to get those!).
Love u so much and miss you tons!

Nicole Breanne said...

HA. Tracen does NOT need a shirt. Stud. I love it.