Monday, October 24, 2011

for memories sake

just so i have record...

1.  Luke has been gone all weekend - a trip to Oakland (to see the Raiders with this brothers) and then to Las Vegas to pick up our car (hopefully it doesn't break down again) and finally HOME tomorrow. Tracen and I are excited, we miss him. But, it has been really fun hanging out at my parents.

2. I did power90x with erika today, it is really hard, and i actively participated in pretty much only the water breaks.

3.  Tracen started to really smile today.  I tried to get it on camera, he got shy.

4.  Samples at Costco aren't as fun when you have eliminated dairy from your diet.  But having a happier less fussy baby is worth it (although sometimes it doesn't feel like it).

5.  I dyed my hair 'ombre' - too bad when i was looking up tutorials they were saying that that trend is on the way out and red hair is on it's way in... i'm so behind.

6.  Tracen is really cuddly, sometimes he is fussy and all he wants is someone to hold him tight and cuddle, I gladly oblige. 


Mariko said...

holy crap! I cannot exercise worth anything! Hurts the nursing boobs...TMI?

I eliminated diary for about a month too since Harrison became quite the fussy boy hit week three. He grew out of it pretty quickly though (although he still is a big spitter upper...TMI again??). Hopefully Tracen gets his tummy problems worked out soon!!

The smiles and the cuddles make everything all worth it! Those moments never seem to wear off. Love it.

KandyJill said...

I want to see your hair. And I can't do P90X for the life of me. And I want to meet your little man SO badly! He better grow out of this camera-shy phase, because so help me as soon as you guys move back here, my camera will be in his face non stopppp

Nicole Breanne said...

I love your blog! And this post! I miss you. Way to go on P90X, what a trooper. Although, if I eliminated dairy from my diet, It'd be equal to P90X with the amount of cheese and whole milk I consume. Okay, I don't consume whole milk.

Sara said...

Picsss! I wanna see his smile and I want to see your hair! P90x is too hard. And you don't even need to workout, you look awesome. And also I didnt know about the dairy elimination!!! Ahhh- you are a good mom