Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tracen's Baby Pictures

One great thing that i have acquired since marrying Luke is his family in my life.  Heidi is SO talented and took some newborn photo's for us, and i can't even really pick favorites i just love them all.  I feel bad that Tracen peed all over her warm bean bags, but i think it was worth it - we got some great pictures!! Thank you Heidi!!!! 

SO weird to think that he used to fit right there inside of me.  

He has already changed so much, and i'm just so glad we have these precious pictures of him from when he was so new (about 2 weeks old)


Nicole's Blog said...

Oh my gosh, I've looked at those baby pictures 345845769485 times and they still melt my heart. SO CUTE. I can't believe he grew inside your tummy either! And it's hilarious that he peed! Hehe.

KandyJill said...

He is SOOOO CUTEEEE!!! I just love him so much! I want to kiss him!

Wilma said...

I love the pictures!