Wednesday, October 5, 2011


You can tell i've been taking TOO many pictures of Tracen when he starts posing like this for them... I am kind of like the paparazzi apparently

Only kidding (about him posing like that at least.. i do take lots of pictures)  but this is what he really looked like.. he often sleeps with his arms in midair... 

 Now for something not baby related - we had an early Thanksgiving Dinner with the Allreds on Sunday
I kind of like the idea of having it early... (and having another one next weekend) because I am able to think more about all that i am thankful for.. i have been making a mental list all week, and it is long.

 Back to baby.. he also loves to cross his legs

But can you believe he is already 4 weeks old???  I sure can't.  I tried to take some pictures of him to remember exactly what he was like at this point in his life. 

unfortunately it seems like most of this day has been spent like the above picture...
i blame it on gas 

i wish i had 'stats' to record.  but i am pretty sure that he is gaining weight without any issues (just check out the pictures above...) , he might weigh almost twice as much as his older (by four days?), tiny cousin Meika. We are excited to finally meet her this weekend.  

This first month with a baby sure has flown by... sometimes i get really sad about how fast he is growing up, so i have been trying to really treasure every moment with him. We sure love him more than i ever could have expected!


Jordan Lawler said...

He is so cute!

Sara said...

Ok i know it's annoying when people always compare babies and whatever but Drew always slept with his hands in the air when he was little... They are destined to be BFF. He really is so cute Alana. I love him. Love you guys. Happy Canadian thanksgiving this weekend.

candice Takahashi said...

He is getting so big! I missed my Monday/Tuesday date with him this week:( I'll have to steal him on the weekend:) xOxo

Nicole Breanne said...

I LOVE THIS BLOG! So so so cute! I want to meet him so badly. He's just such a little cutie! You're doing great with your photography too! :)

.Ang. said...

Love these photos!!

Meika does the spirit fingers like Tracen in the first picture. And I'm pretty sure that in the second picture he is channeling his inner boy band and bringing backstreet back. EVRABOOOODAEEEEEYA.... You know how it goes.

He is SOOOOOO CUTE!! I am SOOOOO excited to meet him and cuddle him!!


Judy Takahashi said...

I love all the photos. You'll never regret having lots of pictures of Tracen's newborn stage. He's so cute.
I'm so glad he's a part of our family!

Heidi Allred said...

He is a doll! Sorry to hear he's got some of his daddy's issue ;( Come over and visit me! I need some cuddle time! With him, not you, but I guess I would take both.

May Takahashi said...

Great pictures Alana.You are quite the photographer!
Tracen is a beautiful baby.

Wilma said...

just wondering...your gas or his???

Great pictures Alana! Love them! You and Angie have quite the talent with photography. AND there's no such thing as too many pictures!