Tuesday, November 22, 2011

family picture

I have been meaning to post this family picture that Angie took on the day of Tracen's blessing.
Kind of looks like we took it in a studio, but we didn't. 

Right now I am having a competition with Tracen to see who can 'sing' louder. The only thing he might like better than singing lately is putting his fist in his mouth and/or licking it. 

Luke looked at some pictures from when he was born last night, and it made me cry. He used to be SO little - he is already almost 11 weeks old. Where does the time go?  


Sara said...

I seriously can't believe that was 11 weeks ago!! You are a great mom! and i love the family picture!

May Takahashi said...

I love that picture . Time really goes fast in all phases of life. You have to enjoy each moment every day. Time flies and before you know it the children are grown and gone.

Wilma said...

Beautiful family picture.

Heidi Allred said...

I found the tape (yes our first video cam used mini tapes) that Seth thought he lost of Porter's birth. Not actual birth but shortly afterwards hehe and I cried in the garage.

KandyJill said...

I can't believe he is 11 WEEKS! Holy crap! I wanna meet him! And it makes me melt to think of you and him singing together! :) And CA-UTE family pic! He looks so much like Luke in that picture!