Tuesday, November 1, 2011

pictures... and halloween

to read about Halloween, you need to look through these pictures first... 

Tracen finally fits into his fortune cookie slippers Candi made him

You can see the fortunes sticking out. 

On Saturday i was able to have the old 3rd ward girls over to hang out (at least the ones that still live here we missed the rest of them)... 
It was really good to get together with friends, i don't do it enough. and our timing was good because Katelyn was due to have her baby soon, but we didn't know how soon (the next day).  I am so grateful that I was able to grow up with such a great group of people.  

this is our cute little guy after his bath... i am obsessed with Tracen.  I just think every moment with him is so special and fun.  

Tracen's first Halloween was a lot of fun!

He was our little monkey. 

We tried to put him in a pumpkin, i don't know who was more scared about it.. Jenelle or Tracen?

They both calmed down after we took him out:

now some more pictures of our little monkey.... he likes to try to stand, even though he still hasn't quite mastered holding up his head completely. 

This picture is funny to me, because Tracen is looking at Erika, who was holding up Candy to bribe him to look.  
He didn't even get to eat any, and it already works as a bribe, it's not his fault his dad has a major weakness for sugar.

Lincoln even got some cuddles with the monkey

Dad and Luke didn't dress up for Halloween.. or did they? I can't tell if Luke was dressing like Papahashi, or Papahashi like Luke.

 but being dressed as twins made them both happy.  And they even got some work done on our car.. the grease on their hands is proof. 


Anonymous said...

I love this post! So many cute pictures. Tracen looks great as a monkey and I look forward to seeing him dressing in that on a regular basis. Also Im so happy that the fortune cookies finally fit! Love them!


Sara said...

The shoes are great!! Love all the pics. Man Tracen is soo cute Alana!!' love that you got to get together with the girls. Call me again! The sound of your voice made me tear up :)

May Takahashi said...

Tracen is growing up so fast. He looks so cute in both outfits. Those fortune cookie shoes are unique.

.Ang. said...

I love all these pictures!

I Love seeing you as a mom! I Can tell you are SOO in love with Tracen!

I LOVE THOSE SHOES!!! And they look especially great on him. I can't wait for Meika to grow into the fortune cookie shoes. I keep trying them on her so I don't miss it, but as of right now... not even close.

Tracen makes the cutest little monkey! :) I think it is hilarious that bribing him with candy worked -He's a chip off the ol' block (Or maybe he is just in love with Erika).

Dad and Luke look like they dressed up like Red from the Red Green show! "If the don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!"

I also love that picture of Tracen after the bath! That Towel goes great with his olive complexion!

I LOVE YOU GUYS! Wish we lived closer so we could hang out ALL THE TIME!!!!

Nicole said...


i love you.

and those fortune cookie slippers are quite possibly the greatest things EVER.

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