Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This Never Gets Old

Tracen is just one day shy of 9 weeks old.  He is such a good baby and a blast to play with and cuddle with.  

Trying to get good pictures of him smiling is tough though. Smiling for mom behind a camera isn't as good as smiling for mom sans camera. 

Sometimes he still has a real serious look and when he does it reminds me of Luke so much.  

But he really is such a good baby.
Last Thursday I had to venture back down to the USA for ANOTHER immigration appointment to try to finally actually get my green card (as if a trip to montreal and a trip to vancouver weren't enough). I scheduled an appointment for Helena, MT and Mom was gracious enough to drive us down, and Erika came along with us too.  I couldn't believe how good he was in the car and we only had to stop one time each way to feed the little guy.  He slept great at the hotel, and did great while we shopped.

My appointment was at 1pm and we got some good shopping done before it, and then we went there, and I wasn't sure exactly how long we would have to be there... my experience with these things is that you do more waiting than anything else.  Well - I should have known that in Helena I would be one of two people with appointments and things were quick and all I needed was my fingerprints done.  Turns out the people at the border neglected to gather those when I crossed. Hopefully this means I'll get my green card in the mail finally!

Then on saturday I got sick.  Gross, can't-keep-anything-down, and my-body-aches-in-every-joint, kind of sick. We stayed the night at mom and dads and I am so grateful for a wonderful husband, great mom and good sisters that helped to take care of me and Tracen.  I feel bad that I got mom sick, but so far her and I have been the only victims... and it wasn't fun.  Luke still is taking good care of me, especially since I've been weary of food.  He makes sure to keep me hydrated and trying to eat.

This week we are trying to get Tracen's US citizenship all figured out... seems like US immigration will always be on my to-do list in some form.


Nicole Breanne said...

Oh man! I remember you blogging about Montreal and Vancouver and all your adventures there! Including how small one of your hotel rooms was! Who would have thought you'd have a little one and have to get him ready to go to the states... it's neverending.

But seriously, you have one cute baby. Everytime I look at pics of him, I tell Greg we need to get a cute puppy otherwise I will want my own little one RIGHT NOW.

He's so cute it's contagious! Love and miss you!!!!!!

Sara said...

I wish I lived in Helena, MT. I need to see you and Tracen. I'm glad you are starting to feel better. We'll have to talk soon. I miss you. I spy Kirkland wipes. That's what we use. They smell divine.

Heidi Allred said...

Sorry to hear you got so sick!!!! IT's so much harder when you are still nursing a baby! Good to hear that Luke was good to your though ;) What a good hubby.

why does it feel like a long time since we have hung out?
I miss you guys!

May Takahashi said...

Your baby gets cuter each day, He will be a handsome young man. Sorry to hear you were sick. Hope all is back to normal. Hi to your two special boys,
Love you.

.Ang. said...

I am glad you are feeling better and you were able to have so much help! Being sick as a mom is completely different than life before babies! (Welcome to the club)

You are so blessed to have such a good baby! Sounds like he is a great traveler! That makes such a difference when they sleep in the car!!

Those pictures of him smiling are so cute!! I want to see him smiling live, it's always better in person! I have yet to get a good picture of Meika smiling. She doesn't do it when I've got the camera in front of my face.



Wilma said...

Tracen is just soooo cute, the smile is adorable! Can you believe he is 9 weeks already?

Isn't it a joy to deal with immigration? As I read your experiences with them, I appreciate more and more my experience...didn't have to travel all over.

Like Tracen, I need to work on that American citizenship issue.