Monday, January 9, 2012

Mostly for my records

Looks like I've let too much time pass without documenting life, so now there are a lot of pictures...

A few days before Christmas Tracen enjoyed his first bus ride, and we all enjoyed Christmas lights and the nativity with family and friends (thanks to the Palmers).

More than one person commented on how much they liked Papahashi's hat.

I tried to get a picture of the animals - not the most flattering view.


On Christmas eve we were lucky to spend it with both sides of our family. The nativity that we had performed for us was impressive... look at that cast:

(Back) Meika - Star, Papahashi - wisemen, Luke - wisemen (from hogwarts), Scott - angel, Jamie - angel, Corban - shepherd.
(Front) Tyken - Joseph, Brylie - Mary, Tracen - baby Jesus, Porter - wisemen

Christmas morning was magical of course.

we spent the day enjoying gifts and family time.

On December 30th my sister in law got married.  Look who played the music while she walked down the isle? Erika and my other SIL Trisha.

the wedding was beautiful

this seems to be the only picture of the bride i have - she looked stunning! 

After a full day of packing, New Years Eve was spent playing Rook and eating good food!  We were so lucky to have Kristi, Greg, Elliot and Blair come visit too

On Jan 2nd we came back south of the border to begin school again.  We are SO SO SO grateful for mom, dad, erika and jenelle coming and bringing our stuff in a van and helping us put together furniture and make our apartment more of a home.  Plus we love their company.

Jan 4th school started, here is Luke and Tracen on the first day of school

Not enough pictures of Tracen yet? okay...

I realized one body part Tracen inherited from me - a jiggly, bum with cellulite (TMI?) - only difference is that his looks cute.

I used to tell Luke that when Tracen was born that i would dress them alike, he always would argue and say he wouldn't let me.  Turns out HE wanted to dress Tracen like HIM.  Saturday and Sunday their outfits matched.

Saturday we got out of the house.. Tracen and I waited in the car while luke ran into the grocery store to grab 2 (TWO) donuts.

he was gone longer than expected... and returned with:

a DOZEN donuts.  He has since lost his privileges going into Brolims by himself.

I wanted Luke to take pictures of Tracen in his cute shoes he got from Jamie and Jenelle before church
oh yeah, you don't get to see the shoes because all the pictures he took cut the shoes out - and not on purpose, he just forgot why he was taking pictures... 

Our happy baby is 5 months old now and currently surviving mom and dad both being in school.


May Takahashi said...

Great pictures of the holiday activities. Tracen is such a good looking little boy and has grown so much.
Happy New Year to all of you.!

Erika said...

I already miss your guys so much. And I just have to say that I'm impressed that tracen always looks at the camera when you take a picture. I have several pictures hwere everyone else is looking elsewhere and Tracen is the only one looking at the camera.

KandyJill said...

You forgot to mention how much you LOVE your neighbors! ;) JK... but that picture of Tracens bummy is SO cute!

Wilma said...
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Wilma said...

So many great pictures I can't pick one favorite.

The Cast picture had me giggling, the Christmas tree was beautiful, the red butt was just so cute (and the commentary was priceless), Tracen's pictures were all so adorable.

Wilma said...

AND the "butt fleece" shot with commentary was great!

Shel said...

Tracen is such a cutie. So happy you are back to school. Love you

Shel said...

Tracen is such a cutie. So happy you are back to school. Love you

Burgess Family said...

What do you mean, "mostly for my records" title?

I loved it. The photos of the christmas tree all lit up was great.

The nativity cast was pretty priceless.

And I would send Luke in anytime to get donuts!

All the best to the three of you while you are away from home. And keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are lovely - the Nativity Cast winning top honors... You have the youngest as baby Jesus but the newest member of your family(that would be you LUKE) should be by tradition the as...I mean donkey!

Papahashi said...

Nice update Alana. It was a nice holiday season having everyone together. It was fun to come down and help you move.

Anonymous said...

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Francesca Laura G. said...

What a wonderful babies!