Sunday, January 22, 2012

utah, birthday, food

For our first long weekend of school, we took advantage of the time and headed to Utah for the weekend.

We stayed at Jordan (Lukes brother) and Trisha's house, and they are great hosts. Most of the weekend was spent like this.. following them in the car. Now that we both have carseats, we have to take 2 cars everywhere. 

Tracen and luke matched on Sunday (as per usual)

And Sunday night we got to go visit Auntie Wilma, Uncle Dave, nicole, chay, blade, their new puppy (which i am scared to spell wrong)

I don't have any pictures of wilma and dave, but Tracen sure loved playing with these cousins.  And I sure loved the games, company and good food (as per usual)

Look at this great shot of Blade and Tracen, you'd never know they were related. 

On Monday (my birthday) we headed back home to rexburg... but not before i tried to get Tracen to learn a few things from his cousin Hudson. 

Tracen and I on my birthday. 

I came home from school the day after my birthday to this... 

Luke made dinner, a card, a cake, and the flowers kaiti sent me. Because i'm still not (really) eating dairy, i ate the middle of the cake. It was delicious!

 This weekend we started Tracen on his solid foods. 

And - Jamie and Jenelle got here!!

so far.. we have enjoyed some good food (chicken katsu this sunday - inspired by the chicken katsu we had last weekend at auntie wilma's), jenelle has changed her clothes like 4 times today (due to Tracen), playing lots of games, treats, laughs and some American Idol.

It's going to be a good week!


Wilma said...

Great update! Did Luke really make that birthday cake?

How is Tracen enjoying his solid food? That first picture looked like it wasn't quite what he wanted.

Sisters... It doesn't get better!

How was the chicken katsu? (you liked really liked it).

Sara said...

I love you.

Burgess Family said...

Tracen is still as cute as ever...okay, everyone else looks great too.

Now I want to go to Utah...looks like it is always a good time when anyone goes there.

catering in manila said...

It really brings out the flavor, it’s a perfect holiday treat. I can't wait to be back to cooking again!