Sunday, February 26, 2012

Family Bowling

Yesterday we decided to do something fun as a family.

We decided to go bowling (well Luke decided - and then convinced me)
It was great going as just the two of us with Tracen, we were able to finish 2 games fairly quickly.
My wrist was killing me after the first round, turns out that I was using a heavier bowling ball than Luke.

Well.. we decided to try to use our camera and so we could have home videos of fun things we did as a family.

Sorry for the bad quality of video and pictures - i'm not yet a pro at focusing my 50mm lens.


Tiffany Kay Smith said...

Ok how cute are you guys!! I love the video!!

Burgess Family said...

Great job! That actually looked like FUN!

May Takahashi said...

I used to bowl a lot in my younger days. Its a fun sport and good exercise. Only thing was I never got very high scores. I did better curling.

kristi Dupont said...

I hear those lanes can be quite slippery, glad you guys made it out without any injuries! Tracen is
so cute, and so well behaved!!!

.Ang. said...

That was the cutest! Tracen is so chill! I love it! And you are adorable!! I just love you! Luke looks like he's bowled before!

Great job on the video! It will be so fun to look back on!

Good thing you didn't take Kristi or dad with you. That might have been embarrassing! :)

Erika said...

I love that it was just a family event! You guys are the best!

Love you!

Nicole said...

OH my gosh, I just love your family! SO cute! And what a great video. I'm very impressed with your camera work and angles ;) Tracen is a cutie, and you're looking incredible!! xo

jaQ-ee said...

I'm glad you made this. It will be so fun to have these memories to look back on all cute and put together! Great video :)

Wilma said...

Looks like the fun night as a family was a success!