Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day!! 
I got spoiled (within our budget) by cinnamon candy's and flowers. 
Which was an actual total surprise because Luke doesn't understand giving flowers (he says "why give someone you love something that dies"... ), and I recently informed him that he was the only person I had ever dated that had never given me flowers. He informed me that he was the only person that got to marry me though. 
But none-the-less, he caved and got me flowers!

This little Valentine got measured and weighed yesterday...
he's 17.5 lbs
and 26 inches long
and a bundle of joy
who loves his toes, and loves to make noise and wake up early and chat
he just tried peas, and to my dismay made no funny faces and ate them happily


Heidi Allred said...

these are so cute! glad to see u guys doing so well down there.

I love peas too.

savannah said...

these pictures are amazing!!

.Ang. said...

oh i love these!!!

He's getting so big! and he is cuter than ever!

Wilma said...

Luke as an excellent point...

Your little Valentine is too cute...I could eat him up. (how did that saying start anyway??? ...it doesn't sound so sweet but....)

kristi Dupont said...

He is ADORABLE!!!!!! Miss you guys!!!