Sunday, February 19, 2012

A little bit of everything...

Turns out that taking 14 credits and being a wife and mother all full time is not as easy as I had once thought.

But these two sure help to make it easier.  

Tracen sure has started to notice everything, and he recently sat quietly and observed while i made cookies.  He took it all iin and listened to me as I told him what we were doing.

(This picture reminds me of a time that Angie and I were filming something for christmas, and talking about christmas baking - the video would probably be really embarassing to see now, but we made sure to have flour on our faces and maybe in our hair)

Tracen sure loves his time with Daddy.  I love these pictures of them reading together.

 I had got some pictures printed, but due to lack of funds I had yet to display them.
So I took a trip to D.I. and that was huge for me, as I am one that never has enjoyed thrift shopping.  The smell of those places always makes me cringe and feel sick, but I wish i loved it. Turned out - I could handle it when I had a purpose.
I picked up some frames for $7 total.  

 Then I headed to Wal-Mart and got some black spray paint, and some white also for about $7.
And the next day, we put this up on our wall...
I even sprayed the matting that came in some of the frames. It feels nice to make our apartment more of a home.

Tracen is getting more and more personality, and loves to eat his toes. 

Life is constantly busy, but we have had so many blessings and are enjoying visitors almost every weekend.  We somehow always manage to have things workout and enough time to get things done, and enough sleep to get by.


Anonymous said...

Aww this makes me miss you all so much!
Tracen is a thinker and so SO cute! Love that we have
Matching mixers -classic black and silver:)

Love you!

Wilma said...

You seem to be doing a great job managing everything!

Great job with the DIY project...I love the framed pictures.

Heidi Allred said...

oh i miss you guys and his cute face!!! I just want to take a bite out of his cheeks!

savannah said...

I love seeing all the new pics of Tracen and am AMAZED at your abilty to juggle wife, mother, and student! Love you!

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh I wish I lived closer to hang out with you guys! You're amazing for being to balance all of that!!

May Takahashi said...

Tracen is really growing up. He seems to have that understanding look as he watches and listens.
Glad you were able to get a replacement for your mixmaster.

KandyJill said...

i LOVE HIM SOO MUCHHH!! I wanna come and make cookies with you guys next time you make them - please?