Sunday, February 19, 2012

Why we shop at Costco

I have always wanted my own one of these:
I was delighted when I got married to get one from Grandma and Grandpa. 

But seeing as Luke and I were living at his parents house, where his mom had one, I didn't need to open the box yet. 
Last year when we were at school we decided we weren't here long enough (just over 3 months) to justify digging into our wedding presents and bringing gifts down.
I made cookies with a hand mixer that ended up dying when i was trying to mix them once, and dreamed of the day I could finally have my Kitchenaid.

Luckily, when we came back down this time, we brought it.

I used it and it sounded a little strange while i used it.  But it worked good enough.
Then i made sugar cookies, and Luke was going to make the icing, and it wouldn't turn on.

I was sad.  

Well.. seeing as we had just barely opened it - 2 years after purchasing, i didn't think there was a lot that could be done, no reciept either. 
Well - Luke decided to take a risk and drove the 1 hour drive to Costco in Pocatello, and was ready to explain the situation (we have only used it 2 and a half times and it doesn't work), but there was no need to.

We weren't sure who's Costco card it was purchased on, so they looked up everyone's.. 
Turns out my Dad has had a Costco card for a LONG time and impressed the staff there, and apparently he is a very loyal customer.

They found the purchase, and returned the money to us in cash.  And we got to get a new one, that was on sale, and so we ended up making a few dollars too! 

Also - Luke ended up going back there this week to buy a couch ($200 off) for our apartment that has be couchless for the past month!!  We certainly are happy!

And we are becoming more and more loyal to Costco.


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Anonymous said...

Got to love Costco. I do for the most part except when we went to Costco in Saskatoon on Saturday. Just driving in the parking lot stressed me out - So many near collisions. It was crazy inside too - crowded and people playing bumper carts.
Jamie even suggested it wasn't a real Costco and if we went back and looked it the sign would say something like "Cosco" or "Costko"

Papahashi, Costco member since 1987.

May Takahashi said...

Glad you were able to get your mixmaster replaced. I saw the one on sale at Costco and it seemed like a good one with 90 dollars off. Costco are pretty good about replacing items as long as it is in the original box.
Tracen is really growing up and really cute.