Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jackson, WY

After weeks of trying to plan a trip to Jackson and one trip that was ended with bad weather, we finally made it to Jackson.
It was a beautiful day and the drive there was really pretty.  It reminded me a lot of home, and it was a good feeling!

Once we started to get into the mountains, we were floored with just how much snow there was there, and felt so lucky that we had decided to turn around that one day with the bad weather (we were so sad to not go that day).

We even stopped at the touristy lookout spots.

But we didn't take Tracen out of the carseat.  And even though this isn't a great shot of Tracen and I, we are at least both in the picture... 

The views were beautiful - made me a little homesick for the Rockies though.

And the snow was deep!

In about an hour and a half we made it to Jackson.  It is fun to explore what is right 'in our backyard' and I think we would like to explore more.

Jackson has a cool 'vibe' (as Luke said) and we really enjoyed it.  We walked around, went in some shops, bought some macarons (YUM!!)...

We were quite the tourists!

 In the summer Uncle Jon had told us about Billy's Burgers in Jackson. We decided to check it out.

 It was a tiny little place, and a fun atmosphere, we got to sit up at the bar and Tracen liked to be able to see all that was going on in there.  We liked it!
And of course we had to go to the candy store there - but we didn't even buy any candy!!!
Probably because Luke had already brought a stash with him.  But it was still a lot of fun.

We drove around for a bit to let Tracen have a nap, and then we went swimming!  The pool there was so much fun, and we can't wait to go back.  Tracen hasn't been swimming since he was 3/4 weeks old, so it was fun to see how he'd like it - and he liked it.  He even put his head in the water (accidently- he dove for it, and I wasn't ready) and didn't cry! He went down the slide with Luke a few times, and even me, and although he didn't really have any reaction - at least it wasn't tears.

The best part about Jackson (aside from the fun times with our family) might have been the fact that Traccen slept all night!!!  (Looks like we need a swimming pool)


Cichy's said...

We definitely want to come next time, looks so fun!!

KandyJill said...

Kay, not lying - we are coming with you next time! I haven't been to Jackson in almost 3 years... so I think we need to do a date night out there! Glad you guys did the touristy things! Brady and I have yet to go together and get the classic pics. And that burger place looks sweet! Yep - its a definite, we are going with you guys next time!

Wilma said...

What a great get away! So glad you didn't park overnight on what looked like the edge of a high cliff.