Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Little Man

I just love this little guy so much!  Here are some pictures of him lately - and some things about us lately...
Tracen has started to really get around, not quite crawling, but rolling and grabbing.  He can get on his hands and knees, but just rocks back and forth or goes backwards (love those lashes)

We're coming up to the end of the semester and couldn't be more excited about it. 1 more week of classes, then 1 week of exams and then we get to go to Pheonix to see Grammy and Papa.  But come Monday Grandma and Grandpa are coming with Jenellie, and we are SO excited!!!  Tracen is going to love all this attention (i am going to love having some help)

It is rare that Tracen and I get pictures together, so we have resorted to self portraits.  They are kind of blurry, but they make me happy.  

Beause our time in Arizona is fast approaching, we have been trying to eat healthy (healthiER) at our house.  We are so lucky to have a vitamix to make us green smoothies.  Who knew that Luke would ever enjoy spinach so much?  It also means that Jillian Michaels and I are going to be spending some time together as well, while Luke plays Lance Armstrong at the gym.

We got Tracen a humidifier in hopes that this would help him sleep better at night (he was waking up really stuffed up).  But even if it doesn't help, I am trying to remember that this is just a phase and that "this too shall pass..." We have tried to kind of let him cry it out, but then he just ends up wide awake yelling and crying and rolling into the sides of his cribs, which induces more crying.

I've learned some important things lately in the kitchen, like how making your own sweetened condensed milk with coconut milk will not give you a perfect key lime pie, but more like a graham cracker with lime slime smeared on top.  So much work, and so disappointing.  I cannot believe that I am still not eating dairy.  I dream of mozzarella sticks, pizza, ice cream, yogurt and quesadillas. 

These guys are so funny.  I can already see how much Luke means to Tracen, and they are so much alike too, it makes me laugh.

OH - and one more thing - Tracen got to be in a commercial for my class.  They needed a baby, and I have one of those so it worked out.  The commercial involved dancers making a car out of their bodies and him being the baby safe in the backseat.  I was worried about how he'd do with all those other people around (and opted to not just in a bodysuit to be in it) holding him and making noise, but he actually did great.  Dancers are a funny group of people though.


May Takahashi said...

Babies grow up so fast and when you don.t see them for awhile its hard to believe they are as big as they are.Seems all is well in your family. Good luck in your exams.

Erika said...

Looking forward to being with you all soon!!!

Erika said...

I wasn't aware that I was written a message for Erika. Sadly she won't be seeing you as soon as Dad, Jenelle and I will. Love you all...Mom

KandyJill said...

His eye lashes are SO LONG!! I'm so jealous!! I love that little man. We need to have another date night with the 5 of us!! Thanks again for the blueberry pie yesterday - it was DELICIOUS!

Wilma said...

My first thought was that of admiring Tracen's eyelashes, and that was before I read your comments.

You're going to be looking better than usual!

KandyJill said...

I tagged you in a post on my blog. Now its your turn.

Jenna Lee said...

Your baby is so big and adorable.. his eyelashes are so gorgeous! I\ll have to meet him this summer when you guys are in Calgary!