Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Party in the USA

Jamie and Candi were here this past weekend - hence, the Party in the USA.

I don't even have any pictures of that (again, why do I never learn that I love pictures, I want more pictures).  I feel so lucky to have sisters and family that love to come visit us (or maybe they're visiting Tracen, but I don't care)!

I feel bad that I had some rehearsals to go to, and classes that made it hard to plan to do some things (like go to get our nails done) but I had a lot of fun just being with them.  We made sure to eat at our favorite places, go on long walks (Tracen is loving his new stroller), watch movies, and TV marathons of random shows.  We went to IF on Saturday and shopped and i was so happy that all the best of Idaho were out, we probably could have just sat on a bench to people watch and would have been just as happy (and richer now..)

I just love my sisters so much, all of them.  Yesterday I had that sad feeling that I always have when visitors leave (especially when my sisters leave).  I am so glad that they came and so grateful that they did too!! Hopefully they'll be back.

Arizona - Part II (the Zoo)

We spent a couple hours on Friday at the Phoenix Zoo.  I love going to the zoo (not as much as Erika loves Science centers, but close...)  I have grown up going to the Calgary Zoo, and it was cool to see another zoo.

These turtles were everywhere before we even went in (that would never happen at the Calgary zoo).

It was fun to feel so close to all the animals.

Tracen enjoyed mostly people watching (or cousin watching).

One thing that was cool at the zoo was that you can pay to do lots of things, like feed the giraffes, ride a camel, feed elephants etc.

The whole group checking out the tiger.

Luke showing Tracen the tiger...

He was sleeping and then he looks like he is staring right at us

Tracen didn't always see the animals we would try to point out to him, but he still enjoyed just being there (my kind of guy)

These deer things were weird, standing on two legs to eat.

Some of the family got to go on the camel rides, I wanted to take Tracen, but he was too young, maybe next year...

The spider monkey exhibit was also cool, you get to walk through the area where 16 of them live.  They are so cute.

And, like most trips to the zoo, I got to see some of my other family - Grandpa is that you???

Tracen's favorite part was the petting zoo though.  When we got to AZ he loved trying to pet Winston (the family dog) but Winston has learned that children = torture, so he runs away.  These goats were so calm and let Tracen pet them, and pull at their ears. 

There are some other pictures (and videos) that Luke has on his phone that hopefully will one day make it on here.

Now we are back to work, this semester is a lot busier for both of us and I feel like the next 12 weeks need to go by as quick as possible.  We are heading to Boise this weekend, so I can do the pitch with the AAF team, so this week (and last) has been full of rehearsals and trying to memorize lines. 

Arizona - Part I

After our busy finals week got wrapped up, we got ready to take off to Phoenix for a week. 
Looking back on the trip now, I wish I had taken a lot more pictures (how come I never learn that more is better?)

It was Tracen's first plane ride, and he did awesome.

When we arrived it was probably 20 degrees warmer than what we had left, Tracen couldn't wait to get his feet wet.

We were so happy to see Grammy and Papa, and very grateful that Papa heated the pool this year, so we could swim there so often.

It was also nice to have almost the whole Allred family there together. 

Papa and his two grandsons born this year (Tracen left, Hudson right)

Tracen sure loved the water, he actually preferred to be held in the water, and not in the floatie.  But he was constantly moving his arms and legs like he could swim - we did not test it out though.  

It was such a busy week - you can see Luke and Tracen having a nap.  We went swimming multiple times everyday, on long walks, did some shopping, lots of eating, and were even treated to professional massages (my first one and not my last - thanks to Papa).  

Luke and I stayed in a hotel in Scottsdale, and in the mornings at the continental breakfast it would look like a retirement home (Luke's Dad joked that Tracen wasn't the only one in diapers there).  Tracen had been having some trouble sleeping and one morning in the breakfast area we heard someone talking about a baby that cried all night, and we quickly made our exit.

It was so fun to be able to enjoy the sun, and to not have to worry about school for a week.... it went by way too quickly.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


It's time for another birthday post for PAPAHASHI!


He really is the greatest Dad out there!

I love that he always wants to have a good time and always wants to make us laugh (and sometimes its when he doesn't want us to laugh at him that we laugh the hardest)

 He can do anything and fix anything or knows how to find out how to do it on the internet.  He's Luke's favorite person to call to talk about techie stuff and fixing things.   

He's taught me so much about enjoying time together and eating food. 
He enjoys a good deal (don't we all?) and taught me to never pay full price and that it isn't really a good deal unless it is at least 30% off.

He is righteous and always blessed our family with how he honored his priesthood, giving us blessings, reading scriptures with us and praying with us.  I never realized just how great this was until the past couple of years. 

He loves each of the wonderful ladies in his life, and we all know that he would do anything for us.  Perhaps more than the ladies in his life, he loves his grandchildren.  He loves to play with them and talk to them and teach them.  

I sure love you Dad!  I hope you birthday is wonderful!!  Maybe we'll have to treat you to a day at the spa....

Can't wish Papahashi a happy birthday without wishing Blade a happy birthday as well!!!  it's been fun to be back in the USA and be able to visit and play with Blade again! 

Saturday, April 7, 2012


WE DID IT!!! We finished one semester with two full time students and one baby!  And we are all alive!  It feels great to be done, we will enjoy this next week of in the hot Arizona sun, and then we are back to the grind. 
But I really do feel good about accomplishing that. It wasn't easy, and I wanted to give up a few times along the way, but now we are one semester closer to being done.

Anyways - a few weeks ago we took advantage of the Spring-like weather and went on a walk in Idaho falls.

And then almost 2 weeks ago, my Dad, Mom and Jenelle came to visit. 
It was SO nice to have them here.  Words can't really convey how much I enjoyed it.
Tracen loved the attention and I loved having some help.
 Gramma loved to feed Tracen
 And give him baths

He just loved it, and it was good timing to have a few extra minutes to finish up assignments.

Dad, Jenelle and Mom even went to Paul Mitchell one day and had a spa day.  My Dad really enjoyed his pedicure and manicure.
He also fixed out rocking chair that someone (Jenelle) broke.  Well it was already broken when we got it for free.  I am happy to report that it is still working great!

I sure hope that they had enough fun to come back again!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

First Words

Tracen said his first words today...

To my Dad's dismay, it wasn't Papahashi (even with all the practice and repetition they did...)

And to my dismay it wasn't Mom, or mum or momma or anything maternal (didn't he learn anything from his cousin Meika)...

It was Dada

But I'm not convinced that he really meant to say it (okay I am) and we haven't been able to get him to say it again  - he moves his tongue and lips the right way, just no sound comes out.

Anyways - he said it to Luke, and I wanted to almost pretend I didn't hear it from the other room, but I was just so excited I couldn't deny that he said it.

We will be workin extra hard on getting him to say MOM