Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Arizona - Part I

After our busy finals week got wrapped up, we got ready to take off to Phoenix for a week. 
Looking back on the trip now, I wish I had taken a lot more pictures (how come I never learn that more is better?)

It was Tracen's first plane ride, and he did awesome.

When we arrived it was probably 20 degrees warmer than what we had left, Tracen couldn't wait to get his feet wet.

We were so happy to see Grammy and Papa, and very grateful that Papa heated the pool this year, so we could swim there so often.

It was also nice to have almost the whole Allred family there together. 

Papa and his two grandsons born this year (Tracen left, Hudson right)

Tracen sure loved the water, he actually preferred to be held in the water, and not in the floatie.  But he was constantly moving his arms and legs like he could swim - we did not test it out though.  

It was such a busy week - you can see Luke and Tracen having a nap.  We went swimming multiple times everyday, on long walks, did some shopping, lots of eating, and were even treated to professional massages (my first one and not my last - thanks to Papa).  

Luke and I stayed in a hotel in Scottsdale, and in the mornings at the continental breakfast it would look like a retirement home (Luke's Dad joked that Tracen wasn't the only one in diapers there).  Tracen had been having some trouble sleeping and one morning in the breakfast area we heard someone talking about a baby that cried all night, and we quickly made our exit.

It was so fun to be able to enjoy the sun, and to not have to worry about school for a week.... it went by way too quickly.

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Wilma said...

oh my gosh, Tracen has MY legs!!

I like the diaper comment...so proud of Luke's Dad for thinking that one up!