Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Arizona - Part II (the Zoo)

We spent a couple hours on Friday at the Phoenix Zoo.  I love going to the zoo (not as much as Erika loves Science centers, but close...)  I have grown up going to the Calgary Zoo, and it was cool to see another zoo.

These turtles were everywhere before we even went in (that would never happen at the Calgary zoo).

It was fun to feel so close to all the animals.

Tracen enjoyed mostly people watching (or cousin watching).

One thing that was cool at the zoo was that you can pay to do lots of things, like feed the giraffes, ride a camel, feed elephants etc.

The whole group checking out the tiger.

Luke showing Tracen the tiger...

He was sleeping and then he looks like he is staring right at us

Tracen didn't always see the animals we would try to point out to him, but he still enjoyed just being there (my kind of guy)

These deer things were weird, standing on two legs to eat.

Some of the family got to go on the camel rides, I wanted to take Tracen, but he was too young, maybe next year...

The spider monkey exhibit was also cool, you get to walk through the area where 16 of them live.  They are so cute.

And, like most trips to the zoo, I got to see some of my other family - Grandpa is that you???

Tracen's favorite part was the petting zoo though.  When we got to AZ he loved trying to pet Winston (the family dog) but Winston has learned that children = torture, so he runs away.  These goats were so calm and let Tracen pet them, and pull at their ears. 

There are some other pictures (and videos) that Luke has on his phone that hopefully will one day make it on here.

Now we are back to work, this semester is a lot busier for both of us and I feel like the next 12 weeks need to go by as quick as possible.  We are heading to Boise this weekend, so I can do the pitch with the AAF team, so this week (and last) has been full of rehearsals and trying to memorize lines. 

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Wilma said...

It looks like a great zoo.

The picture of Tracen's hand through the tiger fence was alittle disturbing...living on the edge already.