Thursday, April 19, 2012


It's time for another birthday post for PAPAHASHI!


He really is the greatest Dad out there!

I love that he always wants to have a good time and always wants to make us laugh (and sometimes its when he doesn't want us to laugh at him that we laugh the hardest)

 He can do anything and fix anything or knows how to find out how to do it on the internet.  He's Luke's favorite person to call to talk about techie stuff and fixing things.   

He's taught me so much about enjoying time together and eating food. 
He enjoys a good deal (don't we all?) and taught me to never pay full price and that it isn't really a good deal unless it is at least 30% off.

He is righteous and always blessed our family with how he honored his priesthood, giving us blessings, reading scriptures with us and praying with us.  I never realized just how great this was until the past couple of years. 

He loves each of the wonderful ladies in his life, and we all know that he would do anything for us.  Perhaps more than the ladies in his life, he loves his grandchildren.  He loves to play with them and talk to them and teach them.  

I sure love you Dad!  I hope you birthday is wonderful!!  Maybe we'll have to treat you to a day at the spa....

Can't wish Papahashi a happy birthday without wishing Blade a happy birthday as well!!!  it's been fun to be back in the USA and be able to visit and play with Blade again! 


Cichy's said...

Cute post! I hope your dad reads it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alana


Burgess Family said...

Happy Birthday Doug and Blade!

Soo true about your Dad, Alana. He really is one terrific brother too.

Nicole Breanne said...

I had a feeling this post was coming. So cute!! Loved it.

Wilma said...

So true, about your Dad. He's a wonderful brother too!!