Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Party in the USA

Jamie and Candi were here this past weekend - hence, the Party in the USA.

I don't even have any pictures of that (again, why do I never learn that I love pictures, I want more pictures).  I feel so lucky to have sisters and family that love to come visit us (or maybe they're visiting Tracen, but I don't care)!

I feel bad that I had some rehearsals to go to, and classes that made it hard to plan to do some things (like go to get our nails done) but I had a lot of fun just being with them.  We made sure to eat at our favorite places, go on long walks (Tracen is loving his new stroller), watch movies, and TV marathons of random shows.  We went to IF on Saturday and shopped and i was so happy that all the best of Idaho were out, we probably could have just sat on a bench to people watch and would have been just as happy (and richer now..)

I just love my sisters so much, all of them.  Yesterday I had that sad feeling that I always have when visitors leave (especially when my sisters leave).  I am so glad that they came and so grateful that they did too!! Hopefully they'll be back.

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Wilma said...

...they'll be back...