Saturday, April 7, 2012


WE DID IT!!! We finished one semester with two full time students and one baby!  And we are all alive!  It feels great to be done, we will enjoy this next week of in the hot Arizona sun, and then we are back to the grind. 
But I really do feel good about accomplishing that. It wasn't easy, and I wanted to give up a few times along the way, but now we are one semester closer to being done.

Anyways - a few weeks ago we took advantage of the Spring-like weather and went on a walk in Idaho falls.

And then almost 2 weeks ago, my Dad, Mom and Jenelle came to visit. 
It was SO nice to have them here.  Words can't really convey how much I enjoyed it.
Tracen loved the attention and I loved having some help.
 Gramma loved to feed Tracen
 And give him baths

He just loved it, and it was good timing to have a few extra minutes to finish up assignments.

Dad, Jenelle and Mom even went to Paul Mitchell one day and had a spa day.  My Dad really enjoyed his pedicure and manicure.
He also fixed out rocking chair that someone (Jenelle) broke.  Well it was already broken when we got it for free.  I am happy to report that it is still working great!

I sure hope that they had enough fun to come back again!


Cichy's said...

So fun to have family come visit! We live for that! Congrats on making it through the semester you guys! That must have been hard! Phoenix in like 12 hours! See ya tomorrow!!!

Erika said...

YAY! Congrats! YOU DID IT! You're family is adorable. I just love you all!

Kandice Stewart said...
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Nicole Breanne said...

Well oh my golly, I could not be more proud of you! School is hard enough - throwing in both husband and wife doing full time AND a baby! You guys are superheroes. But seriously. I can't wait to have a baby and you'll forever be my example - because you are just amazing. I hope you are having/had so much fun in Arizona - you seriously deserve it. And your family is just SO awesome for always visiting - so wonderful! Love you tons and tons Alanadon!

KandyJill said...

I have decided that one of these days we need to do a double date and go for a walk down at nature park and have a little picnic and feed the ducks. Thoughts!?