Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May so far...

Well, after our weekend with the trunk not opening, Luke put our car up for sale.  A lot of people were interested and it took only a few days to sell it for a price we were happy with (okay - Luke wasn't really 'happy' about any of it...)
So before we handed the keys over to the new owners, we took some pictures

 You can see how Luke was feeling about it
 He shared this bittersweet moment with Tracen, and told Tracen how he can't wait for them to one day get a car and work on it together

 Last week we shared a car with Cassandra, and then they bought another car, so we have been using the Celica and Luke flies to Phoenix this weekend to pick up his Dad's car there that we will {probably} buy from him.  And Tracen's new car seat will hopefully fit.  

We have been lucky to have visitors from home at least once a month since coming down here in January.  Erika and Mom came and spent the weekend with us, and we had a lot of fun.  They were able to witness Tracen's crawling in person, and even in the few days they were here, he started to get a whole lot better at pulling himself up to standing on all the furniture. 
 Tracen sure loves the extra attention
I wish that picture had him in focus and not the sippy cup,  but Tracen was smiling at Erika
 He loved to play peek-a-boo with Grandma.  And I enjoyed going to the Temple with my Mom for a morning, and the walks we all went on. 

I just had one early morning class on Monday, so we headed to Jackson, WY for the afternoon.  It was a beautiful day and fun for them to see another part of Idaho.

 Although Jackson isn't quite made for strollers, Tracen sure enjoyed himself there in his.

He was very excited to try to pull the sword from the rock

 I also feel like I didn't take enough pictures (as usual) but we were too busy eating good food, visiting, watching Duck Dynasty and enjoying time together. 

Come back soon!


Cichy's said...

Tracen is seriously adorable! Looks like you guys had fun in Jackson, glad you got to enjoy a weekend with your family!!!

.Ang. said...

Ohh, i love your blog! it looks so cute!

Sad that Luke and his car had to part ways. he looked so sad. :(

SO Fun to have more visitors!! I know that everyone always has such a great time visiting you and they come back raving about how adorable and happy and awesome Tracen is. I wish we could come visit!

I love all the pictures -even if you feel like you didn't take enough. The ones you did take are great!!

Tracen looks like he loves his stroller! I can't believe how big he is getting and how much he is changing.

we really need to see each other soon!!

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! i need to get back in to blogging. one of these days

Mariko said...

OMG I love Duck Dynasty! Now I am even more sad that we don't live near each other!!

PS Tracen is always dressed so cute! He is adorable.

Nicole Breanne said...

Read it on my phone. So sorry for the crappy commenting.

LOVE YOUR BLOG. you look gorgeous and Tracen just keeps getting cuter.