Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good deals = Good day

Tracen loves to close all the doors on us lately... 

 And his new favorite spot to play - with the diapers  (thanks Daddy for dressing him)

 Today was a good day, full of deals.

We went shopping and there was a store that just opened and everything was 50% off... i wanted to find a new church outfit, but with Luke's help, I found a lot more. 
He made me get more than I would have normally got, because for him, that means that he doesn't have to worry about me "not having anything cute to wear" (or hear about it).  He is just so good to me!

 We also went to Kohls for the first time, got Luke a dress shirt and a frame (both about 50% off)... and he got some jeans at PacSun for 9.99...
All in all - we probably spent close to $150 on all the clothes (jeans, 3 dresses, 3 shirts (for me), 1 shirt for Luke, and a skirt) - and look - we saved about the same. Plus, no more shopping for us for a while!  

Things like this make me happy - and my dad used to do Raving Fan blog posts, and I have to say I am a raving fan of good sales. 


Burgess Family said...

Well Done! You both did good.

Cichy's said...

Where is this store?? Everything looks so cute! I love getting a good deal!!