Thursday, June 14, 2012

I know it was Luke's birthday, but...

there are more pictures of Tracen than Luke (as usual)

We were happy to have some friends and family come over to help celebrate

I think this picture is adorable, Summer is so good at playing with Tracen.

 Tracen was happy to have Lucy over to play - he likes her, and lets her do whatever she wants, which is a good quality if they ever get married

It is funny how he just stood there and let her play with her face and cried, but didn't try to move away or anything.  Lucy was just SO excited to play, and eventually they figured it out.

We did sing happy birthday

and Luke got a football from Cassie and Spencer...  
 I love this picture of the two of them, almost in the same pose.

Friends, football, cake, and bubbles - it was a perfect birthday!


Sara said...


miss you guys.

Cichy's said...

Such cute pictures!! Tracen is such a good sport! haha Poor guy! Summer has been talking about you guys all day today, she has been telling everyone that she saw Luke and Alana at the farmers market! You must have made an impression!