Thursday, July 19, 2012

We're done!!!!!

 Today was cause for celebration in this house - because we finished our semester!!!!!

 Tracen and I took some pictures on photo booth to celebrate!

and then he didn't want me in the pictures anymore....

But seriously, it feels so good to have finished the semester and to be able to have a break from being a student!  I am so lucky that Luke and I had schedules that allowed us to always have someone at home with Tracen.  It has been a little adventurous as Tracen has been growing and exploring and time for homework seemed non-existent!  But we did it!!  Big thanks to Grammie for coming to visit last week and allowing us time to focus on finals and spoiling Tracen.  

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Idaho Falls Zoo - Mostly pictures

We decided to take advantage of what there is to do in Idaho, and one early morning I decided we would go to the Idaho Falls Zoo.  Luke agreed in his sleep, and when he woke up and I asked him about it, he thought I was lying.  But it was only $6 a person (and in comparison to the Calgary Zoo) that is a great deal.  

Tracen really enjoyed the zoo, he loved the monkeys and any animal that he could actually see moving.

For such a small zoo they've really maximized their space and we had great views of all the animals (a little sad for the animals though)

We even saw penguins and didn't have to wait in any lines.

It was well worth the money!! And I'd go back!

And I only took a few pictures from Canada Day.  We had a lot of fun with fellow Canadian friends - poutine, chili, and Luke played frisbee golf with the boys (and apparently Lucy and Tracen too!)