Saturday, September 8, 2012

Birthday Party Take 1

Angie and her kids made a weekend (that turned into a week-long) trip to Alberta to visit with JJ before she left for BYU.  While she was here we decided to have a little party - going away party for Jamie and a birthday party for Tracen and Meika (born just 4 days apart).  

Tracen had just discovered his love for corn on the cob (must have inherited that from his Grandpa's).  
Meika was a lot more dainty with her cupcake than Tracen.  I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking...


Judy Takahashi said...

I Love these two September babies!!!
Tracen had no problem taking care of that cupcake!
Fun memories!

.Ang. said...

I am so glad that we did this while we were there!

I love that they are so close in age!

I don't know if i had more fun making the food and cupcakes with you all day, or at the party!

I sure love you!