Saturday, September 8, 2012

Birthday Party Take 2

Luke really wanted to throw another (small) birthday party for Tracen with as many of his Aunts and Uncles and cousins that could be there... (which really isn't that small).  I had wanted to throw a cute fun party for him, but felt like I wouldn't be able to do it with budget and time and not having to order things from.  But - we did it!  And it turned out really great.

Thank you to all my helpers this week.  

We ate all of Tracen's favorite foods (an idea inspired by something Angie had told me).  Banana cake, squash in a quinoa salad, chicken in curry chicken salad, etc etc and of course corn on the cob.  He was happy to sit and eat and spent most of his party doing just that.

He was too busy eating to care that he was by himself.

He was spoiled by everyone and we are so grateful for such generous family.

Takahashi Family: Missing Angie, Mike, Brylie, Tyken,  Meika, Jamie

Allred Family: Missing Cassie, Spencer, Trisha, Hudson, Jared
 Tracen loved all the attention and of course, eating his cake  icing.

We enjoyed being at the park, throwing the football, playing on the swings, with bubbles and a fire that Papahashi built was the perfect way to end the night and stay warm.

Happy Birthday Tracen!


Judy Takahashi said...

Good job Alana! You sure know how to throw an amazing party!!!

Grandmabashi said...

What a great party you put on for Tracen.He will enjoy the picture you took when he gets a little older.
What a lucky boy to have such a wonderful large family support.. Thanks for sharing.

.Ang. said...

I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you guys! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRACEN!!

You are the best mom for throwing such an awesome party! Every detail was perfect and i hear the food was amazing!

By the happy look on his face in all those pictures, I'd say it was his best birthday yet!

Burgess Family said...

Best party ever!!!!