Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall - so far

 We have finally settled into a fairly regular routine:
it includes lots of playing, making and eating food, and mostly doing homework (for  me).

Taking 9 credits online has proved to be more time consuming and difficult than I had initially thought, however, we are managing!  Not only are we managing but we've had some pretty great blessings come into our lives.
We've gone to the Calgary Temple Open House multiple times, with family and with friends.  We have a very happy baby that is sleeping good through the nights.  And - I got an unexpected scholarship.

We are certainly continually learning and growing.

Tracen and I went to the zoo a few weeks back with Grammie and Trisha and Hudson.

 The boys sure enjoyed seeing all the animals.

Tracen is quite the expressive little boy - he shows all his emotions on his face

 For some reason Luke taught him how to furrow his brow, for a few days he gave everyone this look.
 He still loves bath time.
He is constantly asking "what's that?" And when he's satisfied with the answer, he says "Ohh"
 On Thanksgiving, we bundled him up and went for a walk in the ravine.  

I suppose it might be a new Thanksgiving tradition, as we did the same thing the year before. Its hard to believe Tracen was ever that little.