Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tracen - from my ipod

 Luke cleared all 700 or so pictures off my iPod (which i hadn't ever done and there was only a tiny bit of space left)... Although I am no photographer, my iPod doesn't take the greatest pictures.

So here are more than enough pictures of Tracen.  Have I mentioned how much fun he is?  His little personality is really starting to shine through, and I just love it.  He is into climbing onto the chairs and getting anything left on a table, or that he can get to by pushing the chair to the right place.  He loves to throw things behind the couch, or behind the TV.  And lately he is into holding treats (fruit snacks, gummy bear vitamins) in his hands for long periods of time.  He is always saying please and thank you (still with his head nods).  He loves Elmo and Choo choo (thomas the train) and often presses buttons on the remote, tv, reciever, ps3 until he can find something he likes (he has actually put Thomas on a time or two).  He loves to help clean, and do pretty much everything else, and helped me make cookies the other day by putting a measuring cup into the bowl while mixing (luckily costco returned our kitchen aid). 

 He is such a boy, and although he loves to sing, he loves basketballs, footballs, golf balls, and will even sit still and watch them on TV - makes Luke proud.  He loves his baths and loves to try to change the subject when he knows he's done something wrong (he will point to his eyes, ears, the light, etc and ask "what's that?"). 

 He is constantly trying to make us laugh, and loves to do things that he knows we will laugh at.

 When we came back down to school in January, we didn't have enough room for his lego, and so when my parents came (with Jenelle) this past weekend, they brought it to us.  He LOVES it!

 Tracen sure keeps us on our toes and keeps our lives fulfilled.  He is constantly giving hugs and kisses and I am just so lucky to be this little boys mom!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Photography Giveaway

My bestie and neighbor and photographer is doing another photography giveaway!!!

Who doesn't like the chance for some free photos???

Also check out this project I am working on, and she's helping me with.

I want to give away some free professional photo's to people who are in need of them.

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