Thursday, March 7, 2013

18 months old

Today marks 18 months since Tracen was born.
It is hard to even imagine what life was life before he was in it.

To celebrate, we made Jell-O and have played with bubbles 3 times today.

His personality is really showing through and he is embracing his independence more and more. 

Lately he loves to pretend to be asleep and then wake up over and over. 


spencer orton said...

Can't believe he is 18 months old!!!! What!! time sure flies. I love the pretending asleep game hahahaha.
love you guys

spencer orton said...

its sara... :)

Nicole said...

Woweeee! I cannot believe that! This basically means that I've been married for 18 months... his birthday and my anniversary are so close. I'll always be able to ask him his precise age to determine my special day - thanks Tracen! It's crazy to think, because sometimes I still can't believe you're a Mom, but today I feel like I almost forget what you were like before! It's just been so natural for you! Love you unc.