Thursday, May 30, 2013

Calgary : Takahashi day on Edgemountain

We enjoyed a relaxing Sunday at home (my parents home, and what was our home last fall).

I wish I would have gotten the camera out earlier and captured Tracen playing the piano, and his excitement when everyone got home.

I guess he is a true Takahashi they way he loves to just lay on the floor.
And showing his Takahashi colours through his love of ice cream.

I didn't even get a picture with Candice or Chris in it, or get a good one with Papahashi.  I did get one of Jenelle studying away I should have posted. I also didn't get a good picture of him trying to ride in the Barbie cars... next time.

Tracen was in love with the toy Grandma got him, and he could put those shapes away over and over.

We love being at home, we can't wait to find out where we will be next and if our next visit will be permanent, or just a visit!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Calgary : Day with the Allred's

We took a quick trip to Calgary over Memorial Day weekend.  I need to get the rest of the pictures from Luke - but on Saturday with hung out with our Allred family.  The girls went to Heritage Park with the kids and the men went golfing. 

Even though it was a bit rainy, we enjoyed it and Tracen LOVED the train going around the park.
He also enjoyed his time with his cousins, and Akiyah took great care of him and made him laugh over and over.
Hudson and Tracen got to ride this swing together before it really started to rain.

The reason we went to Heritage Park was to check out Sharon's (Luke's Mom) quilt on display.  She is a very talented quilter and we were so impressed.

Tracen also loved seeing the animals, literally shouting "MOO" over and over.
After naps we had a barbeque and celebrated Luke's birthday that is later in June.
It was so fun to see Tracen get to play with some cousins...
And his Papa.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hair cut by Daddy

Tracen had his first big-boy hair cut (not just me with the scissors, but the buzzer).

I had cut it with scissors, but Luke thought we should go shorter... I just didn't want it to make Tracen look older - which it did, but he still looks handsome and cute.
 Tracen is not some sort of child that will sit still during a hair cut, and he sat pretty good watching Cars and eating treat after treat.

While I vacuumed up the hair, Luke washed Tracen off.  I thought he put him in the tub, but apparently not.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Playing in the rain

 Tracen was finally able to actually use his red boots in the rain today.

 He didn't actually know what to do at first - but he quickly caught on.

Luke stayed inside working on homework - and i got to enjoy the rain with Tracen (my pants were rolled up so they didn't get wet on the bottom - I hate a soggy bottom haha)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Washing the Car

Tracen sure loves any time that is spent with his Dad. 
Luke was right when he thought that Tracen would enjoy watching the car being washed.  As evidenced in the picture below, it was a hit:

Tracen is into cars (mostly of the Pixar kind)  so this kept him happy and amused.
He made sure to watch closely.

And just like his Dad, he has an eye for detail when it comes to cleaning and pointed out when a spot was missed.
(This picture makes me laugh because of the difference between Tracen's arms and legs, it isn't a shadow, his legs are sure getting dark from sticking out in the stroller).

Mother's Day 2013

It is hard to get a good picture of Tracen and I.  But we tried on Mother's Day and here is the best that we got...

 I enjoyed the day reflecting on the wonderful Mother's in my life and those that have played a motherly role.  There are so many wonderful women in the world.  

I was spoiled in the morning by Tracen and Luke.  
Luke let Tracen pick out a present for me at the dollar store, and he was very adamant about getting me a spray bottle (but seriousy, I am always looking for one when I cut hair) and glowsticks.  After I opened the gift he stole the glowsticks and ran off, and I actually haven't seen them since (what a sneaky little boy).
After church we relaxed for the afternoon (well, I made a cake and cookies and that was close enough) and Tracen and Luke watched golf.  Tracen sure loves to watch golf, I don't get it ( I mean I get golf, I don't get watching it on TV) 

Then we enjoyed a great dinner with friends from the ward - Luke was lucky we were invited to dinner somewhere, cause I sure didn't feel like the macaroni he wanted to make.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Red Boots

My Aunt and Uncle gave us a TON of great hand-me-downs for Tracen.  One of his favorites lately are these red boots and he seems to always want to wear them.
He is also very interested in rocks.   To get him to sit in his car seat, I have to promise to find him a rock on the ground.  He is constantly on the search for rocks and stopping to pick them up. 

He has figured out how to open the front door - fun for him and terrifying for me.  I am constantly checking to make sure the deadbolt is locked.  
We are so happy for summer-like weather lately and usually spend our mornings out on walks and at the park with Tracen's girl friends in our ward, it is a lot more fun for me to have their moms to spend time with!

Monday, May 13, 2013

FHE: faith

We have set some goals as a family and one of them is to improve our family home evening.  Luckily just prior to this goal being set, I bought some kits from Target for a $1 for cilantro and basil.  So we had a great lesson from Luke about faith and planted them.
Tracen enjoyed being able to help.
After carefully placing our plants in the window sill and telling Tracen not to touch I felt proud of how well it went...
... and then I turned around to this:
The plants and Tracen have done remarkably well since. However, after a recent incident with the basil, we decided to put it in our other planter to see if they would survive the toddler terror.  And they did!!
Our cilantro will be making the move in a a few weeks as well.

But we can't plant things every Monday night, so all my ideas are gone. Haha.