Sunday, May 12, 2013

After naps

I love how calm Tracen is after his naps.  He usually lets me cuddle him for a few minutes and then likes to be snuggled up in blankets and watch a show for a few minutes.

He sure makes life more exciting and enjoyable.  I don't know what I would do without this little guy - and I am so grateful I can be his Mom.
I am so grateful for my own mom and for all the things she has taught me, all the love she has shown me, and the amazing person that she is.  I am also grateful for Luke's Mom and for all that she has down to raise such an amazing man.  Both make amazing Grandma's!  And I also have grandma's to be grateful for that raised amazing parents...  So much love an appreciation to go around on Mother's Day!


Mariko said...

I love how he is grabbing his toes!

Burgess Family said...

You are a #1 MOM. I love reading about Tracen and all you do for him.