Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Arizona 2013

I have tried all day to get a video to post on my blog - but to no avail....

so here is a link to a summary of our trip this year to Arizona

We certainly loved the escape from the cold weather, the delicious food (and Blue Bell ice cream for Luke), some shopping (Luke even took me on a "shopping spree" at H&M's 50% of sale items section and it cost him less than $40), swimming, long walks, and of course the company of Grammie and Papa!  

We did a lot of fun things: lots of swimming, the zoo, McCormick Ranch train park, The Postal Service concert, the park, visiting the temple, and I got started on a quilt with help from Sharon while Luke went golfing with his Dad, and then shooting with him another day. 

Tracen certainly loved the one-on-one time with Grammie and Papa and is quite the independent little boy.

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Mariko said...

Any trip that involves Blue Bell ice cream is a good trip :)