Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Calgary : Day with the Allred's

We took a quick trip to Calgary over Memorial Day weekend.  I need to get the rest of the pictures from Luke - but on Saturday with hung out with our Allred family.  The girls went to Heritage Park with the kids and the men went golfing. 

Even though it was a bit rainy, we enjoyed it and Tracen LOVED the train going around the park.
He also enjoyed his time with his cousins, and Akiyah took great care of him and made him laugh over and over.
Hudson and Tracen got to ride this swing together before it really started to rain.

The reason we went to Heritage Park was to check out Sharon's (Luke's Mom) quilt on display.  She is a very talented quilter and we were so impressed.

Tracen also loved seeing the animals, literally shouting "MOO" over and over.
After naps we had a barbeque and celebrated Luke's birthday that is later in June.
It was so fun to see Tracen get to play with some cousins...
And his Papa.

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Wilma said...

Nice quilt...looks very time consuming.

Time with cousins is always the best of times.