Thursday, May 30, 2013

Calgary : Takahashi day on Edgemountain

We enjoyed a relaxing Sunday at home (my parents home, and what was our home last fall).

I wish I would have gotten the camera out earlier and captured Tracen playing the piano, and his excitement when everyone got home.

I guess he is a true Takahashi they way he loves to just lay on the floor.
And showing his Takahashi colours through his love of ice cream.

I didn't even get a picture with Candice or Chris in it, or get a good one with Papahashi.  I did get one of Jenelle studying away I should have posted. I also didn't get a good picture of him trying to ride in the Barbie cars... next time.

Tracen was in love with the toy Grandma got him, and he could put those shapes away over and over.

We love being at home, we can't wait to find out where we will be next and if our next visit will be permanent, or just a visit!


Radfords said...

Both days in Canada look very fun, but this lazy Sunday with ice cream might be the winner in my book. I knew I liked that Tracen kid.

Wilma said...

Did Tracen actually eat the ice cream? Great pictures.
Breyers is the best ice cream!