Saturday, May 11, 2013

Exploring: Suitcases and Flour

When Mom & Dad & JJ were here, Tracen thought it would be a good idea to go home with them (I think we all thought this was a great idea)

He eventually chickened out though.

Tracen loves to help me in the kitchen (a measuring cup in the mixer and it breaking, or whole eggs thrown into cookie dough) so I let him do his own thing in the kitchen.

I think it he enjoyed scooping up the floor and dumping it in his lap the most.


Sara said...

Love him. you're such a good mom.
miss you.

Mariko said...

love these pictures!

Burgess Family said...

I like how Tracen can fit in the suitcase. And only a good Mom would let their child play with flour like that. Tracen is so lucky to have you as his MOM.