Monday, May 20, 2013

Hair cut by Daddy

Tracen had his first big-boy hair cut (not just me with the scissors, but the buzzer).

I had cut it with scissors, but Luke thought we should go shorter... I just didn't want it to make Tracen look older - which it did, but he still looks handsome and cute.
 Tracen is not some sort of child that will sit still during a hair cut, and he sat pretty good watching Cars and eating treat after treat.

While I vacuumed up the hair, Luke washed Tracen off.  I thought he put him in the tub, but apparently not.


Radfords said...

haha that picture of him in the sink is priceless! He does look older, but still handsome as ever. (and you definitely win coolest mom award....when it was raining on sunday stori kept asking to go outside and I kept distracting her. Little did I know that right below us, Tracen was having the time of his life! :) )

Wilma said...

I thought it looked like he had a haircut.