Friday, May 10, 2013

keeping a blog

I have really wanted to be better at taking pictures and keeping a regular blog.  So far I have 6 drafts started and nothing finished....

With the warmer weather we spend our days on walks and exploring parks.  I am trying read and continue learning or workout during naptime.   We spend evenings making dinner, eating and playing with Luke, and after bedtime, we relax... leaving little time to blog.

Tracen seems to be a lot more interested in the rocks and bugs and trucks than climbing on a playground.
I sure love all the time we get to spend together.  It is fun to be able to see and experience the world with Tracen.   He sure LOVES cars and trucks (and the movie Cars and Cars 2).  He LOVES his juice (watered down apple juice only).  He loves to be outside (always pointing to and saying "door").  He loves to pretend and is really into giving me anything that is mine, and Luke anything that is his (cell phones, water bottles, etc).

For my records: Pictures were taken May 8th at the Tautphaus Park Zoo


Burgess Family said...

Great photos and great documentating everything! Keep them coming.

Wilma said...

You're doing a great job with the blog! I'm glad I checked it out. Since instgram, I'm not doing or checking blogs. I need to.