Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

It is hard to get a good picture of Tracen and I.  But we tried on Mother's Day and here is the best that we got...

 I enjoyed the day reflecting on the wonderful Mother's in my life and those that have played a motherly role.  There are so many wonderful women in the world.  

I was spoiled in the morning by Tracen and Luke.  
Luke let Tracen pick out a present for me at the dollar store, and he was very adamant about getting me a spray bottle (but seriousy, I am always looking for one when I cut hair) and glowsticks.  After I opened the gift he stole the glowsticks and ran off, and I actually haven't seen them since (what a sneaky little boy).
After church we relaxed for the afternoon (well, I made a cake and cookies and that was close enough) and Tracen and Luke watched golf.  Tracen sure loves to watch golf, I don't get it ( I mean I get golf, I don't get watching it on TV) 

Then we enjoyed a great dinner with friends from the ward - Luke was lucky we were invited to dinner somewhere, cause I sure didn't feel like the macaroni he wanted to make.

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Wilma said...

You got some cute pictures of you and Tracen. And Tracen knew exactly what you wanted.