Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Red Boots

My Aunt and Uncle gave us a TON of great hand-me-downs for Tracen.  One of his favorites lately are these red boots and he seems to always want to wear them.
He is also very interested in rocks.   To get him to sit in his car seat, I have to promise to find him a rock on the ground.  He is constantly on the search for rocks and stopping to pick them up. 

He has figured out how to open the front door - fun for him and terrifying for me.  I am constantly checking to make sure the deadbolt is locked.  
We are so happy for summer-like weather lately and usually spend our mornings out on walks and at the park with Tracen's girl friends in our ward, it is a lot more fun for me to have their moms to spend time with!

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Wilma said...

Are you sure those are all rocks?