Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Washing the Car

Tracen sure loves any time that is spent with his Dad. 
Luke was right when he thought that Tracen would enjoy watching the car being washed.  As evidenced in the picture below, it was a hit:

Tracen is into cars (mostly of the Pixar kind)  so this kept him happy and amused.
He made sure to watch closely.

And just like his Dad, he has an eye for detail when it comes to cleaning and pointed out when a spot was missed.
(This picture makes me laugh because of the difference between Tracen's arms and legs, it isn't a shadow, his legs are sure getting dark from sticking out in the stroller).


Radfords said...

Yup, he is way too freaking cute!! And his legs compared to Stori is just ridiculous ha!
Way cute blog by the way---I always love a great blog to stalk...

Nicole said...

Are you kidding me with that point! "You missed a spot Dad!" I love it!!! I love you.

Kaiti Klara said...

haha what a cutie! He is so smart! the tan is hilarious

Burgess Family said...

That is too funny. I would never have thought of doing that. The photos were great!

Wilma said...

Great capturing the moment! I know that 3/4 tanned arms is a farmer's tan, what do you call tanned legs only?