Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quarter of a Century

..breakfast mini german pancakes..
..more like nutella for Tracen..
..budget friendly gifts of poptarts and mike and ikes..
..underwear for Tracen (ontop of a diaper)..
..fruit pizza and singing happy birthday with our friends..
..kisses for the birthday boy..


..happy 25 year old husband..

JR Sandhu Wedding : Thursday

I spent Thursday running errands with Kristi for the wedding and then helping Auntie Sheila make 30+ boutineers for Friday.  We quickly got ready in these beautiful outfits borrowed from Raj's family and went to enjoy some Sikh wedding traditions and great Indian food.

I am not exactly sure what this ceremony was called, but I know we did get to hold that blanket over Jacqui and then rub something (cumin mixture I think) on her arms and legs. 

It was another late night, and Dad and Jamie and Jenelle came over to Kristi's late that night for Dad to catch up with Jacqui about his MC duties on Saturday.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

What life is like

We've been enjoying the wonderful weather and playing outside pretty much everyday.  
Days without walks feel long and we get stir crazy!

I was having a great day, I got up had a shower early, and was prepping some chicken for dinner.  While covered in raw chicken I could hear Tracen playing with cereal from breakfast, he ended up dumping out the whole thing and I couldn't get to him in time to stop him (raw chicken all over him seemed more dangerous). 

Tracen tried to kick it around, and grab all the granola pieces while I was sweeping - good times.

Tomorrow I am headed with Tracen to Alberta for a good 10 days - jam packed with visiting family and Jacqui's wedding!  I can't wait!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Birthday Bonfire

We celebrated Luke and Drew's Birthdays all weekend, and it started with a bonfire. 

I wish I had more pictures (and better pictures) but watching Tracen to make sure he didn't end up in the fire was a full-time job.  We enjoyed the company of good friends and s'mores.  What more could you ask for?

The best shot of the birthday boys that I got... too bad.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Running from the cops

We have had quite a whirlwind past couple days - a birthday bonfire, a trip to Pocatello, a new (to us) car, a run in from the cops and so much time spend hanging out with friends. I think I have pictures that need to be posted, but for now a story:

Saturday night we decided to go hang out with our friends - and luckily all our friends are practically neighbors.  As we were leaving our house, and locking the door, we see a cop fly by chasing a car into the apartment complex next to us.  Luke commented how that would suck to be that close to home and then get pulled over. We see Dan and Melanie and tell them about the cop as we keep walking to the Foresters, and we see more cops drive by.  Then a cop pulls into the storage unit and gets out of the car and is looking for someone/something with a flashlight. We were curious about what was going on, but kept walking.

We got to the Foresters and are telling them about all the cops, when Dan and Drew go outside to check out what is going on (more cops and more flashlights) when all of a sudden they shine the light in the house.  Dan comes in (with a HUGE grin on his face) and says that they want to talk to the guy in the red shirt (LUKE).  We thought he was joking, but when Luke went outside, he realized he wasn't joking.

The cop asks Luke to walk over to the lamp post and starts asking him why he ran from him, and Luke was like "I didn't run" the cop is very insistent that he did run, and sees Luke's hand in a fist and asks  what is in his hand.. Luke answers "Candy" and reveals these two little Canadian gems..

The cop keeps asking questions, and Luke keeps telling him the truth, that he didn't run, that he was just walking over to his friends house, no he doesn't have an ID and gives his phone number.  He comes back inside and tells us how the guy they are chasing apparently has the same outfit on (red shirt, grey shorts) and is Luke's same build.

Well we went home soon after that, and the  cops were still out looking.  Our neighbor is a sheriff and when we heard him get home, Luke went out to ask him if they found the guy.  They caught him, and he was wearing the same thing as Luke, only he was soaking wet because he had to swim through the canal beside our house (he even had slip-on shoes on like Luke's slippers, but Luke had socks on, and he didn't).  Turns out he got pulled over for speeding, but took off running because he was driving a stolen car.

It was an exciting night to say the least.

Yesterday the cop the initially accused Luke and pulled him out of our friends house stopped by to apologize.  I guess Luke's outfit was so much like the guy they were chasing  - even down to the white writing on the shirt.  He felt pretty bad - but we felt good that he was doing his job, and that they got the real criminal.  If consuming too much candy was a crime though, Luke would have been guilty.

And just for fun - here is a picture of Tracen and Stori ( I stole from Melanie's blog). He's telling some sort of interesting story.  Those two actually had their first kiss last week... ohh young love.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


 On Saturday we spent the day with our friends - the ones we spend our days with, but this time Luke came to join in on the fun.  In the morning we went swimming, and then home for lunch and naps and then off to the park for a picnic.  

It was a lot of fun, and makes us sad that we are finally making friends and leaving so soon.  

 This picture of Tracen eating is quite decieving as he actually didn't sit and eat very much at all and spent most of the time running around with the football (and his shirt off, which is something most of the single males do at the park to attract female attention)

 After we ate, we made our way to the splash park.  It isn't unusual for these three (Lila, Tracen and Stori) to chase after each other.. they usually run in whatever direction is away from Mom.

I found this picture on the camera, I am not sure what Luke was doing.