Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quarter of a Century

..breakfast mini german pancakes..
..more like nutella for Tracen..
..budget friendly gifts of poptarts and mike and ikes..
..underwear for Tracen (ontop of a diaper)..
..fruit pizza and singing happy birthday with our friends..
..kisses for the birthday boy..


..happy 25 year old husband..


Nicole said...

SO fun!!!!! Love your new friends you've made. Also, Tracen is getting to be such a man, and not a babe anymore! Love you.

Sara said...

LOVE IT ALL!!!!!!! Love Tracen in the McQueen underwear. TOO CUTE!!!!

miss you guys so much

HAPPY birthday Luke!!

Radfords said...

That last picture of your boys is too freaking cute!!

Glad we got to celebrate with you guys!