Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Camping in Rexburg

Camping feels like it was forever ago!  We went with the Forester's for our first time camping as a family, and their first time with their two girls.  We did one night and it was perfect! The best part was that we were still in Rexburg. 

Lila and Tracen had a lot of fun playing and exploring, and were both filthy minutes after we got there.

Tracen loved the tent, and could have just played in there.  I was worried about putting him to sleep, but that was the easy part, getting him to stay asleep was the hard part.
We woke up early, had a yummy breakfast and packed up and then drove the 2 minute drive home. 

Later that day we went to Idaho Falls and Tracen enjoyed his ice cream cone.

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Wilma said...

That dirty face made me smile.