Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Celebrating America

Remember that one day when I decided to make cookies with Tracen? Well luckily I remembered what has happened before, like when he put a measuring cup in the bowl and the kitchen aid broke, and so we just did it by hand with a spoon.  And then he threw all the eggs on the floor before we could actually get started - nothing better than cleaning up egg yolk.

Anyways, we had a great 4th of July, and the pictures aren't really in order but that doesn't matter.

We started the day off with the parade and the splash park (the picture is at the bottom, and I'm too lazy to move it).  Next were naps and prepping for our fun BBQ dinner in Idaho Falls. 

Tracen takes a car or truck with him everywhere

Tracen and Lila loved running, well actually Tracen loves to be chased and Lila loves to help out and chase him (we are going to miss our red-headed friends)

The food was delicious and even though there was a major delay on the fireworks, they were worth the wait and we couldn't have picked a better spot to watch them.  We even managed to avoid traffic jams that usually make the 30 minute ride home hours long.


Mariko said...

Tracen and his daddy seriously look so much alike!

And I am convinced Harrison and Tracen would make best friends.

Burgess Family said...

Looks like you were having a great summer.