Sunday, July 14, 2013

JR Sandhu Wedding: Friday & Saturday

 I am still playing catch-up from June... Oh man.

Well I don't have as many pictures of the wedding festivities from Friday and Saturday, because of my duties as a bridesmaid (smiling for pictures and helping to do up dresses haha)

Jacqui looked amazing and it was cool to participate in the Sikh ceremony on Friday.

Her dress and jewellery weighed over 15lbs!

Saturday was the real marriage ceremony and it was in the most beautiful location at the Hatch's house.  There were threats of rain coming from Edmonton, but it never reached us where we were!  

The reception hall looked transformed and all that hard work from everyone sure paid off.
 It was such a great party and we didn't get back to our hotel til almost 3 AM, and people were still dancing when we left.

 Jacqui and Raj
 Papahashi did a great job at MCing with Vik.
 The first dance
 We were so happy that Grandma was able to make it to the wedding, and she danced up a storm.
 Tracen and I dancing.
 Proof that Grandma, Uncle Pat and Auntie Diane were Indian dancing. 

I am so excited for Jacqui and Raj, and so happy that they are a part of our family! 


Wilma said...

you captured the moments!!!

Sharon said...

Thanks for capturing such precious moments!

kristi Dupont said...

love these pictures Alana...... what a memorable week/weekend!!!

Burgess Family said...

you got some great photos! i enjoyed them all.

jaQ-ee said...

I didn't realize until now that you posted this! LOVE! Thank you so much for being there. Can I get the photos you took from you on a disk? I should have done that when I came !! Haha.