Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Things we love (Tracen and Alana)

1. Pandora - Elizabeth Mitchell station (with some 70s music added in like Fleetwood Mac and James Taylor)

2.  Walks to the park

3.  Banana ice cream (frozen bananas blended with cocoa, almond milk and cinnamon)

4.  Endless ABC on the iPad (Tracen is finally learning his alphabet)

5.  Cheese string (in Canada) or string cheese (in the USA) as a quick no mess snack

6.  Free lunches at the park all summer long (for Tracen)

7.  Friends to walk with, run with, and eat ice cream with


Nicole said...

I love it!!!! I love cheese strings, yet somehow calling them string cheese seems so much less appealing! Too funny. And can you make me some banana ice cream please? That sounds delightful! Love and miss you always!

Wilma said...

I never knew that about the string cheese...
Yay Tracen on learning his ABCs!
And I'm going to try that banana ice cream!